MaxPERF Drilling Tool Applications


To penetrate beyond the invaded zone in wells with near-wellbore damage

To increase the effective wellbore radius, reducing drawdown and helping to prevent coning

To eliminate the risk of casing or cement damage caused by explosive perforating - MaxPERF causes NO casing or cement damage

To re-enter a productive interval following a remedial cement squeeze - allows access to the pay without risking damage to the newly placed cement

For completion or reworking of thin zones or zones with poor boundaries where further stimulation is risky

Frac Initiation - for zones that are difficult to breakdown or exhibit high treating pressures due to excess perforation friction pressures

To eliminate the need for a frac or acid stimulation in wells where only the near-wellbore area must be penetrated

To improve injection rates in injection, steam injection and disposal wells

Intersect fractures - completion or recompletion of fractured reservoirs or coal bed methane wells

To access new formation pay using light, clean, compatible completion fluids

Help to induce oil/sand movement when completing or reworking CHOPS wells

What is your application?

MaxPERF Drilling Tool Advantages


Run MaxPERF drilling tool on jointed or coiled tubing

Flowpaths drilled up to 72 inches deep and 0.70” diameter

Deeper, larger flowpaths – material is removed by a non-damaging drilling technique

Flowpaths ideal for accessing formation past near well-bore damaged zone – after remedial cement squeeze

Flowpaths ideal for FRAC initiation or SELECTIVE acid treatments

Flowpaths ideal for thin or streaky zones – especially with a close water contact

Casing Milling (1.0” casing hole) – access annulus between 2 strings of casing with no damage to outer string

REAL TIME hydraulic indicators reveal tunnel information – for each and every flowpath

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