MaxPERF Drilling Tool

MaxPERF Drilling Tool

Since 1990, Penetrators Canada Inc. has been developing completion and stimulation systems that provide a more effective method of establishing communication between the wellbore and the target zone in both producing and injection wells.

MaxPERF Drilling Tool is our current downhole tool configuration and is designed to produce clean flowpaths, radially from an existing wellbore into reservoir rock, for up to 72 inches in length. MaxPERF drills one tunnel at a time, each requiring 10 to 20 minutes (on average) to complete, and is capable of making multiple tunnels during a single run. Factors such as well depth, rock lithology and fluid type will govern the number of tunnels that can be completed on a single trip – normally the tool is be capable of 4 to 8 tunnels per run, but more have been completed many times.

This system represents a unique opportunity to expose new pay in a clean and non-damaging manner utilizing light and compatible completion fluids.

The MaxPERF Drilling Tool consist of four major components plus accessories such as an anchor, filter and circulating valve. These components are:

  • CONTROL SECTION – a hydraulically actuated valve assembly allowing actuation of the tools by the operator at surface.
  • MOTOR & DRILL SECTIONS – develop the required rotation plus extension and retraction of the diamond rock bit to drill clean 0.70 inch (17mm) diameter tunnels into the formation.
  • MILL SECTION – mills a neat 1.0 inch (26mm) hole in the production casing to allow the rock bit access to the formation.

MaxPERF Drilling Tools are currently stocked for casing sizes of 114.3mm to 177.8mm O.D. Larger sizes can be accommodated on request.

Treat each MaxPERF application as if the reservoir is being entered for the first time, in fact, new pay will probably be encountered during the job!

For more in depth MaxPERF Drilling Tool information, download MaxPERF Brochure.

MaxPERF Mill Bit, Drill Bit & Drill Stem

MaxPERF Mill Bit MaxPERF Mill Bit