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MaxPERF Drilling Tool - ideal tunnels for frac initiation in tight, highly stressed formations

Devon Canada Corp. utilized the MaxPERF Drilling Tool in a few tight and high stress formations that have been difficult to initiate sand fracture treatments.

Dwayne West, Business Development Manager with Penetrators recalls early discussions with Devon personnel.  “The larger diameter MaxPERF tunnels that are created by milling the casing and drilling the formation (formation material is removed versus being compacted from the wellbore outward into the formation as with conventional perforating techniques) was thought to help diminish tortuosity, initiate feed rates, reduce breakdown pressures and could aide in optimizing the energy of the frac… help in directing it where it needs to go”.

Howard Trinh, Well Productivity Improvement Engineer with Devon Canada Corp. was satisfied with the overall results. “Previous attempts to break down a particular formation with high pressure equipment and through other means were not successful. However, after orienting and completing a series MaxPERF tunnels, the formation broke down at +/-40 mPa and we were able to place sand into the formation.  The well produces commercial, economic rates after clean up.”, says Trinh.  The initial results suggest MaxPERF appears to have lowered the breakdown pressure and more jobs are planned to conclude the potential benefits of the technology.

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